Young Thug Feat. Lil Baby – Bad Bad Bad

Download and Enjoy Young Thug Feat. Lil Baby – Bad Bad Bad

In the grand scheme of things, Young Thug remains a relatively new voice in the game.

True, he originally surfaced at the onset of 2011, but his signature melodically-fluid style only came to manifest within the past five years or so. Nonetheless, Thugger’s adventurous approach to song-crafting has proven to be among the most innovative styles in recent memory; one might suggest that his family tree has grown all-encompassing, especially within the local Atlanta scene.

Evidently, one might be tempted to count Lil Baby among Thugger’s most noteworthy offspring, despite having a distinctive artistic identity in his own right. On Thug’s recent So Much Fun, another strong chapter in the expansive Jeffery canon, Lil Baby takes a large step toward adulthood, or puberty at the very least. The change is most notably evident in his voice, which subverts expectations with the slightest hint of a baritone. Taking to some bouncy production from Nils and Wheezy, both Thug and Baby trade effortless verses, combining in one of the album’s highlight sections.

What did you think about “Bad Bad Bad,” or So Much Fun as a whole?

Quotable Lyrics

I can buy the building
I can rent this shit out or save it for the children
I can dead this shit out or give it to the villains
Somewhere they can hide when they do some killin’
All of the rides got grenade ceilings
Loaded with a ride, cost a cool million