TTGO – The “Top” ft. Stilo Magolide

TTGO – The “Top” ft. Stilo Magolide MP3 Download

TTGO – The “Top” ft. Stilo Magolide MP3 Download

TTGO – The “Top” ft. Stilo Magolide. Fast rising artiste TTGO debuts on Fakaza with The Top, a recording that’s lifted off his newly released project that’s been titled The Lifestylion.
The collaboration with Stilo Magolide is one of the main say of the album.

Download Top by TTGO ft Stilo Magolide:


Things You Should Know About Stilo Magolide:

Stilo Magolide is one of the most coolest rappers in Mzansi . Johannesburg born musician Micheal Chirwa is an artist, entertainer and businessman. Where fashion and hard work meet in the form of music. Stilo Magolide AKA Choc/Seruno/HorseRide/Mr 2190 is a guy setting his own trends. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the multi-talented Stilo Magolide……

1. He grew up in Kenelworth that’s in the South of Jo’burg.

2. Stilo started rapping since he was a kid but it was never a serious thing. He started rapping seriously 2 years ago .

3. Stilo says he pursued rap as a career because he felt there were a lot of whack rappers in the mainstream and he thought he could do it better.

4. Stilo’s friend, Mandisi Sinaphantsi inspired him to start W.A.T.E.R, which is his clothing line.

5. Stilo draws inspiration from everyday life, people around the city, his upbringing and friends.

6. He is an independent artist, he funds everything from his own pocket

7. His top 5 rappers are : 1. Stilo Magolide, 2. Riki Rick, 3. OkMalumKoolKat, 4. uSanele and 5. Ubezi

8. Hey ladies, Stilo Magolide is singl!

9. Stilo says Boys N Bucks taught him responsibility, it taught him to be more caring towards others and considerate towards other people’s thoughts, opinions and feelings.

10. Stilo has styled most of the rappers in Hip Hop today, such as: AKA, Riky Rick, Da Les, and so much more.