Rockie Fresh – Must Be (feat. Chris Brown)

Rockie Fresh Must Be feat. Chris Brown Free Mp3 Download

Rockie Fresh Must Be feat Chris Brown Free Mp3 Download

Rockie Fresh is out with a brand new song ‘Must Be‘ featuring Chris Brown. He hasn’t been too active in the last couple of years, largely due to becoming a father. Must Be by Rockie Fresh and Chris Brown new songs 2019.


Must be Lyrics By Rockie Fresh feat. Chris Brown [Quotable]:

[Intro]Must be, you
Must be
Must be, you
Must be

Shawty, where you goin’?

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]Whippin’ and swervin’, hittin’ them curbs
‘Cause I’m on my way to come get ya (Yeah)
The way that you serving making me nervous
Nobody gimme this feeling (Feeling)
We don’t do dates ‘fore we can relate
‘Cause we just be smokin’ and chillin’ (Yeah)
Know you been waitin’, gotta stay patient
We’ll be on top in a minute (Minute)
I saw it in the beginning (Yeah)
You were bound to give me problems
Go back and forth like it’s tennis (Tennis)
You got everybody watching
But I see the stars when I’m in it (In it)
But I gotta leave when I’m finished
Gotta get back to my business (Yeah)
Money and fucking these bitches

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[Chorus: Chris Brown]You must be lonely, you must be sad
Keep hitting up my phone and asking where I’m at
You be complicated, but still make me laugh
She’s a real pain in the ass, but she still get the bag
When I’m mad I still want her, with me
Like the first day we met, first time we had sex, babe
Girl, just hold on to me
Don’t be afraid, no, no
No more lying, no more cheating
No more spying for no reason
Cut it out, cut it out
You know how much I love you
And how much I need you

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