Nicki Minaj – Barbie Drip

Download MP3 Nicki minaj Barbie Drip

Download MP3 Nicki minaj Barbie Drip

Download MP3 Nicki minaj Barbie Drip, “Barbie Drip” is another hot single by American rapper “Nicki Minaj“.

As promised Nicki Minaj finally comes out with a new track titled Barbie Drip debuted on Queen Radio, she
this come along with the freestyle of Goin Bad a song by Meek Mill and Drake.

Nicki Minaj is about to kick off he European leg of her Nicki WRLD Tour with Juice WRLD.

The trek will run from Feb. 21 to March 28, before coming to the U.S. Nicki told Queen Radio listeners she intends to announce the U.S. tour line up within the next week or two. Download MP3 Nicki minaj Barbie Drip

The heavyweight rapper went on to imply that she’d be dropping a weekly freestyle until the “fifth thing-thing,”

potentially a reference to her fifth studio album – which, as Complex pointed out, might already be completed. “The

label hit me said they want the fifth thing thing, I got in the studio, I did the fifth thing thing/And then they say, ‘You know, it’s time to drop your single’/I said ‘No, you know radio already tried to blackball a bitch.’”


Nicki Minaj – Barbie Drip [Quotable Lyrics]

[Verse 1]
I just got ten million bucks for shit that I ain’t even do yet
You spent your money but I ain’t say I was your boo yet
You got your feelings hurt, I ain’t really mean to do that
I’m just a bad bitch I’m sorry I put you through that
I’m from New York where we’ll never say “Good morning”
Rippin’ the block and he ain’t come on till the morning
I always prayed to have a building with a doorman
Now I’m so busy I gotta turn down these endorsements
Now I’m flaunting everything that I wanted
Remember a time when I couldn’t even afford it
Now I’m in stores I get everything that fits me
Chanel minc slides and shades so they don’t know it’s me

Drip too hard, got his d*ck too hard
He gon’ fuk around and drown off this wave
Pretty little toes stunting on these hoes
Buy another bag soon as I get paid
Bad little vibe, keep up out my sight
Case a dirty bitch gotta catch this fade
Do it all the time, still I’m in my prime
Couple new blessings every time we pray