Kevin Gates – No More

Download and Enjoy the new single from Kevin Gates titled No More

Kevin Gates is getting ready to release his upcoming sophomore album I’m Him in a couple weeks (Aug. 30), but before he does so the Louisiana rapper has another new song to share with us first.

Following up last week’s “Double Dutch” release, Kevin Gates decided to come through this weekend and release another new song and accompanying video called “No More.” It’s unclear at the moment if this will see life on the upcoming album or not, but we’ll definitely take it.

Speaking on the album’s title, Gates recently said… “I am H.I.M. I am H.I.M. “His imperial majesty/ big timer, Benz driver, bread winner anatomy!” Yeah. H.I.M. I’m Him. His imperial majesty. I’m Him.” If you couldn’t figure it out, “I’m Him” stands for “his imperial majesty.”

Check out the melodic, in-studio release and let us know what you think! Look for Gates to be in a city near you this Fall as the “I’m Him” tour kicks off October 12th in Chicago. Peep tour dates right here if interested.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tellin’ my plug “I fell in love
Considerin’ no longer sellin’ drugs”
He told me I had his blessin’ and she must be special
I responded that it was
Life in the fast lane comes with a rush
The heart still wants what it wants
(Ahh, what you do)
The heart still wants what it wants

– Gates