Snakehips – Gucci Rock N Rolla ft. Rivers Cuomo & KYLE

Download MP3  Snakehips Gucci Rock N Rolla

Download MP3  Snakehips – Gucci Rock N Rolla ft. Rivers Cuomo & KYLE

Download MP3  Snakehips – Gucci Rock N Rolla, “Gucci Rock N Rolla” is another trending track by British electronic music duo “Snakehips” featuring “River Cuomo” and “KYLE”.

British electronic music duo, Snakehips drop their hot track featuring two hot American rappers.

Snakehips consists of Oliver Lee and James Carter.

Snakehips made their name with Hype Machine doing remixes for Banks, The Weeknd, Bondax and Wild Belle.

They are best known for their 2015 single, “All My Friends”.

Through 2016 and 2017, the duo released ” Cruel “, which featured the vocals of former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik.

The single debuted in the UK chart at number 38 and hit its peak at number 33 a week later, making it the duo’s second-lowest charting single to date.

Listen and download below.



Quotable Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rivers Cuomo]
I’m not cool, fucked up on my school days
I skipped class, drop-out since the 7th grade
Those fools, lookin’ at me sideways
No clue, I could get it my way
I was faded in the daylight
Elevated up in cloud nine
I don’t need no one to get by
If you wanna judge me that’s fine
’Cause I’m all lit up in my mind
Yeah, I’m headed for the good life

[Chorus: Rivers Cuomo]
Feelin’ like a baller
Gucci Rock ‘n’ Rolla
Never gettin’ older
I’m a Gucci Rock ’n’ Rolla

[Verse 2: KYLE]
Yo, look, in the club one time (Yeah)
I’m just really tryna feel the love one time (Yeah)
Everybody tryna be Judge Joe Brown (Why?)
Let me do me, would you be so kind? (Please)
Whoah-oh, me oh my (My)
Been big list since 305 (Five)
Your vibe whack like TSA (Why?)
Crashin’ the scene like CSI
And baby, don’t come at me crazy
‘Cause I live my life like however I like, like
I was rich as Jay-Z or Rick Rubin
Who’s mad who ain’t point proven
Self drive Tesla I’m cruisin’
Time to bring those oh-ooh’s in