Don Q – This Is Ya King? (Tory Lanez Diss)

DOWNLOAD MP3 Don Q This Is Ya King Tory Lanez Diss

DOWNLOAD MP3: Don Q – This Is Ya King? (Tory Lanez Diss)

The battle continues…

This feud between Don Q and Tory Lanez continues to heat up. It began when Don teased the world with a new diss song aimed at Lanez. He came through with the scorcher soon after. Entitled “I’m Not Joyner,” Q’s first shot at Lanez was potent, giving the Canadian artist a new challenge to overcome. Seeing as how Lanez just got done with a battle against Joyner Lucas, there was little doubt that he would fall to Don’s first attack. He didn’t. Lanez fired back immediately with “Don Queen,” a disrespectful headshot that many considered to be the end of the beef. Not so fast.

On Monday night (January 29), Don took to social media to reveal that Tory Lanez was in the studio attempting to discover dirt. Don posted screenshots on his Instagram story that seems to prove Lanez’s team was busy trying to track down the name of Don Q’s baby’s momma. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Don, who finished his story with a warning that he was heading back into the studio. Now, the fruit of his labor has arrived. Don has resurfaced with a second diss song aimed at Lanez, and we’re all for it. Don goes hard over Mobb Deep’s “Burn.” A beat so famous deserves only the dopest bars, do you think Don delivers?

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Don Q – This Is Ya King? Lyrics (Tory Lanez Diss):

I don’t wanna be your friend after this
So I’ma get this out real early
Suck my dick!

I seen this shit comin’ in plain sight
We waitin’ at stage bright
I had two rounds the same night
Just hold the short jokes, we the same height
We’ll recover his body and never be discovered but his remains might
It’s feelin’ like I’m pickin’ on nerds (Pickin’ on nerds)
This a miniature purge, from top five to the injured reserve
I stomped his head ’til it’s a chip in the curb, but stampede
Oh you bots bet these bullets faster than your hand speed?
Cruisin’ in the Van Dijk
Spot him on his rap tour in Toronto
And who go back up the guard like Van Fleet?
You really let the fame go to your head (For real)
Hope you know what you said (What?)
I want to throw this nigga over the ledge
Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense, he don’t know that he dead
Can let him find out for himself or I could show him instead (I could show him)
And I can see your scare tactics (Tactics)
You was where trappin’

You was homeless sleepin’ on your homie’s air mattress
Every artist that’s in the game know you a actual lame
You was a bum askin’ for change and that’s factual Lanez
I heard you bought a new hairline ’cause it don’t grow no more
Fordham Road you was gettin’ jewelry off the [?]
It took you long enough, I was startin’ to get impatient (Impatient)
I sent the message to you, I’m hopin’ your fans relay it
Oh, you Terrance and Phillip? This Canadian Anime
Niggas scared and they bishop
Say your name when the camera playin’
Ain’t no fuckin’ R&B nigga that’s harmin’ me nigga
What you gon’ kill me with? A harmony nigga?
Oh this ain’t what he predict (No)
I hope he mentally and physically fit
Lil’ Tory, stay in your lane ‘fore you flip off a cliff
I throw him in a headlock, this nigga fragile as shit (Frail as shit)
Craig Parks chasin’ the dog then you slid through some shit
I’m talkin’ real pain, you had a nine to five before your deal came

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